Over 20 years of experience and a strong industrial asset
A winning mix for your production process.

The 3 pillars of ID-Leak


ID-Leak is the result of the union between the consolidated experience of the key figures and the well-rooted industrial asset of BERMA Macchine: the specialized knowledge and the experience accumulated in the most varied applications, together with the skills of the technical staff, the use of advanced software and dedicated equipment for product industrialization, represent the founding know-how of ID-Leak. In addition, thanks to the connection with specialized partner companies, ID-Leak can access high-level skills in the development and customization of the software part for industrial process requiring leak test instruments.


To give you the best solutions for your production process, ID-leak puts the sharing of skills first: The Technical Knowledge to ensure the best implementation and continuous development of leak test equipment, as well as the Application Experience to find the most suitable configuration and maximize the accuracy of the service, are shared every day by all our staff, thus featuring top transversal skills.


This leads to the highest integration between ID-Leak and BERMA: industrial marking machines and leak test tools can in fact be configured natively in integrated solutions for the production process, to ensure complete reliability and traceability of your industrial product.


A close-knit, competent, and dynamic team

Integrated solutions configured for the specific needs of your production process, combined with an accurate and timely service, make ID-Leak the ideal partner for your company

Fabrizio Bergamini

CEO and Technical Manager

Andrea Chiarotti

Sales Manager

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