The importance of the integration between leak test instruments and marking systems in industrial production processes

The competitiveness and profitability of a product on the market are largely determined by the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process: the maximization of productivity and accuracy of the work, combined with the minimization of waste and defects, allow to reduce the industrial costs and spread the structural ones on a higher number of pieces (thus decreasing the unitary cost of the product).

Intermediate and final tests play a crucial role to reach this goal,
as well as the collection, exchange, and analysis of the related results.

LEAK TEST EQUIPMENT verifies the correct execution of the various stages of the process and the compliance of each piece with the required standards.
MARKING SYSTEMS grant the identification and traceability of each piece along all stages of the production process.

It therefore appears evident that the use of these two types of machine is closely related within the production process.

A piece that has passed the test with a positive result will be appropriately marked by a marking system, bringing with it the necessary information to be identified and to track each operation/processing, together with the results.

It therefore becomes essential to grant an absolutely precise and extremely rapid data exchange between the leak test instrument and the marking system, to keep the correct sequence of operations (test result => application of the marking) and the correct transmission of all related information.

It is also important to make sure that all data are properly stored and normalized in order to be periodically analysed altogether: in fact, this information allows to detect any recurring defects and precisely identify the areas and methods of intervention.

The integration between the tools for leak test tests and industrial markers improves the competitiveness of the production process: immediately, through a quick and effective identification of OK and NON-OK pieces,
and also in the medium/long term, through the cumulative analysis of the results to identify every possible area for improvement.

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