We want to provide innovative solutions for industrial testing, which meet the production needs of our customers, helping them to place safe and reliable products on the market over time.

Over 20 years
of experience

Our staff experience is the basis of the ability to provide winning solutions in any application field

Specific skills

Our dedicated technical staff that takes care of every phase of the design in detail is the engine of our technology development

Industrial organization

The consolidated company reality of the BERMA Group constitutes the backbone of our production capacity

ID Leak: User Friendly Technology

Our leak testing devices are the result of an accurate design and industrialization process.

They are perfectly adaptable to any layout and production line, perfectly legible and easy to use,
to ensure maximum productivity and reliability of the production process

ID-Leak tools, accessories and management software guarantee precise and reliable leak testing in any application field


Connectivity - Traceability - Personalization - Consultancy

Practical and versatile devices for every industrial sector

Industry 4.0 ready advanced technology

Software ID-Leak

Remote device setup
Remote Assistance
Test results download and storage
Test results traceability management
Industry 4.0 Ready

News & Blog


The use of Leak Test Instruments in Automotive industry

The crucial role of Leak Test Equipment to grant safety and functionality of Automotive

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The role of the suitable equipment to grant a quick and precise testing phase

Optimizing precision and speed of testing phase can make a difference to grant the competitiveness

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Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog

A lifetime together with the leak test devices
the energy of a new challenge

Angelo Borgo tells himself: the passion of a life becomes the aim to provide always new

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Leak test:
When, how and especially why?

Using suitable tools to carry out leak test has a positive impact on the production process, both

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